Discover Passes Now Required @ Dry Hill

There has been a land ownership change that affects the trails at Dry Hill.  A land swap between Washington DNR and a private timber company has made the entire trail network and parking area become DNR managed property.  Overall, we look at this as a positive step for the future of the trail system.

The biggest (and possibly only) change will be that all vehicles must have and display a Washington State Discover Pass. (Available Here)  This will be enforced so be sure to pick one up if you don’t already have one.


USA Cycling

Hey everyone.  It would be very helpful if you got to the first race with your racing license in hand.  You can get them at  Also, for those of you who choose the One Day License option, they have gone up to $10 / event so it would likely make sense to go ahead and get an annual license.  Again, this is to make things smoother and more efficient for all of us.


2014 NW Cup Dates Released!

See below for the dates for the 2014 NW Cup.  We’ve got some exciting changes this year that we are pretty stoked about.

-SE Racing and NDub have decided to team up!  US riders that travel to Silver Star can gather NW Cup points, and our Northern neighbors can get BC Cup points at the May Port Angeles race.  Details will follow.

-The Pro GRT returns to Port Angeles for 2014.

-Unique courses at every stop.

-The finals will return to Port Angeles for 2014!

2013 Is In The Books

After 6 months of shredding, the 2013 NW Cup has come to a close.  For the first time in NW Cup history, we got to end the season with a mud race, who’d have thunk it?  At least mud for practice.  By Sunday it was ‘suns out guns out’.

Timed runs started off on Saturday with the 2nd annual Rock Crusher Chainless Challenge.  (RESULTS), followed by seeding runs.  Luke Strobel(Pro Men), Britney White(Pro Women), and Corey Craig (Cat 1 Jr.) took the top spots in seeding, setting the stage for Sundays finals in drastically different conditions.

In the end, the local hero Strobel walks off with the hat trick, Britney keeps her winning ways, and Nikolas Clark edges out Corey for the finals.

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting our little race series, it was a pleasure on our end…a ton of work….but we feel lucky to be able to do it.  Big thanks to Mike Estes, Peter Kakes, Skibowl, Stevens Pass, all the timing/registration helpers, all of our awesome sponsors and everyone else.  Already working on next year!!!!!

Stevens Pass Courses

This just in!!!  Track announcements!!

In case you want to go practice up for next weekend.  Cat 1, 2, and Pro will all be shredding Slingshot Wookie.  Cat 3 will be racing Lichen It.  Track previews coming soon.

Time to get your Hood on!!!

Time to shift gears and head down to Skibowl for a proper DH test.  Petr and the awesome crew down at Skibowl have everything ship-shape for a weekend of shredding in the shadow of Mt. Hood.

Pre-reg closes on Wednesday night, so save yourself $5 and a few minutes of paperwork by pre-registering now @  The crew at Skibowl has changed Friday practice to 2pm to 6pm to give you time to sneak out of work early for a bit of track time.

Here’s a bit more low-down and the pre-rie vids.  HERE

Most importantly, thanks to all the sponsors of the NW Cup, please thank them by supporting them as well.  Also, slap Casey Northern in the face for me, because I can’t be there until Round 5 and he needs a slap to keep grounded.


Underworld Cup

Well that was quite a week.  Mountain beavers, beautiful weather, insane hecklers, and some of the best riders in the world, made the second round of the NW Cup (aka Underworld Cup) one to remember.  I have to admit, I was a little star struck.

As you all know, we had a TON of racers this weekend which made for some long lines so I want to say thank you to everyone for your patience especially Saturday morning.  Fortunately we shouldn’t have the same problem at round three, although, I’m hearing of a few of the factory teams that are planning on coming back for that one as well.

Anyhow, this series has really turned into a spectacle, and it’s because of all of you, so pat yourself on the back.


Round 1 In The Books

We hope you had as good a time as we did.  Interesting weather, great turnout, NO MAJOR INJURIES, and got our first shot at timing under our belts.  While the system was so dialed in many ways, and accurate, sorry we couldn’t hot seat the whole time or display instant results.  It worked Saturday during testing, and then crapped out.  Should be dialed by next time.

Thanks again to all our volunteers, staff and sponsors that help make it happen.